Founded and chaired by Silvio Marino, the inventor of Futuri Project, The Futuri Project club is a sports, cultural and engineering association that was established towards the goal of making this project real. The club aims at involving all the project’s aficionados and those who believe in it and wish to share all the development phases in exchange of moral and economic support.

The club primarily aims at sharing the project via the internet through the website and social media, and then organizing trade shows and conventions for direct contact with the members. The connection between the website and the members will be enriched by newsletters and periodical vlogs.

All members can give a free offer: this way they will get a membership certificate.

Get Your Personalized Card

With your card you will be able to:

  • Take part in the events organized by the Club
  • Access our drawing lots to drive our vehicle prototype on the test track once built up (the odds to be drawn are proportional to your offer)
  • Your name will be visible in the Sportscasters’ Hall of Fame (the names of the most generous supporters will show up at the top of the Hall of Fame. They will be able to perform a drive test out of the drawing lots)

In order to receive your personalized card you’ll need to donate at least € 200.


Friday, 30 June 2017

My name is Silvio Marino and I have been working on this special project since 1979. This project has required a lot of human and economic resources, but it has brought me to a path of satisfaction and achieved results. This is why I decided to share this project with other people through this website.

This project stems from the desire to build up a revolutionary and innovative vehicle, which may overcome the limits of traditional vehicles. The particular scheme that you are looking at here is not the result of a simple hunch: it’s the consequence of a profound reasoning on some founding principles to the project.

The first principle is a steering system that will eliminate thrusts and frictions, because it will exert a direct and parallel force on the axis of the trajectory: a steering system that will enhance and expedite direction changes and trajectory corrections in favor of higher safety and road holding.

Another principle takes advantage from an aerodynamic function of the penetrating and balanced shape of the vehicle. These unique features guarantee a stronger aerodynamic penetration, a well-balanced load distribution and release flows as well as a remarkable reduction of air resistance and fuel consumption.

The last principle is to create a vehicle that, under all circumstances, will have at least three holding points on the outer fronts. This way we will experience a wider contact surface, a better grip during lateral acceleration and braking, a barycenter that will absorb stresses, balance weights and ease the vehicle’s frame design.

The hard work of Futuri Project has yielded great results so far. We have built radio-controlled models so to perform dynamic and mechanical tests that proved us right. This means that we are on the right track to achieve a real technological development.

Together with radio-controlled models we are working on a full-scale prototype. This endeavor has required a lot of new technological resources, both patented and ready to be handed in for new patents on the way.

As of today planning, design and technical know-how are our strong points. Timing, on the other hand, has prompted us to find a way to speed up the implementation phase. In order to meet our goals I decided to put in place a new idea that will make Futuri Project even more interesting: to involve all the racing aficionados, and those interested in the project, through the Futuri Project Club. People would sign up and support the project with a free offer. This way they will be able to follow up on the technological development, the construction phases and the road tests, as well as get precious information from the website.

The bottom line is: carry out the project as soon as possible and arouse a strong passion for sport among the members of the club. Because this kind of vehicle allows steady performance development levels, Gran Turismo and competition are natural targets for the development of the project – the creation of a new category is also an option.

Very good, thank you very much for your attention. I look forward to hearing from you again. Those who are willing to share this technological adventure and support me from here on out are more than welcome!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Some photos of my officine.